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Sinclair Sawhney

Sinclair Sawhney, Acquisitions Editor, Tule Publishing

About Sinclair: Sinclair Sawhney loves to fall in love between pages. A former literature, history and writing teacher with a masters in education and curriculum design, she has enjoyed working as senior editor at Tule Publishing since 2014. She has the best job in the world reading romances and cheering on authors as they brainstorm and build new series and weave tangled webs which ensnare their heroes and heroines in plots and scenes that keep readers turning the pages.

About Tule Publishing: Since being founded in 2013, Tule Publishing located in San Clemente, California has published over 400 books by more than 100 authors from all over the world.  Although Tule began with a focus on contemporary romance, today Tule acquires all genres of romance and women’s fiction, as well as select mystery titles.

Tule is currently accepting submissions for the 2021 and 2022 calendar. Please note that we are currently accepting mystery submissions in addition to romance and women’s fiction manuscripts. We recognize that love is both universal and personal and we are always interested in original story telling and diverse experiences. We are currently seeking stories with unique and diverse voices for all imprints.

If you’d like to join the conference but cannot afford the fees, please email us here as we have several initiatives to help those in need of financial assistance.